Who is cynical?


This is in response to Tom Clavin’s “Farther East” column [“News, Rumors and Newspapers II”, March 5] in which he said he was “intrigued” by “the cynicism about newspapers.”

He must have forgotten the squeeze that former East Hampton Town Police Chief Tom Scott levied against the East Hampton Independent when Tom was its editor and I was one of its reporters. At different times, some of us wrote articles on alleged improprieties in the East Hampton Town Police Department. Then, Chief Scott was able to end it.

Someone who worked at the Indy was stopped for DWI, and Chief Scott told Tom the news would not make the traditional Monday morning police report to the general press if the Indy ceased its coverage of the town police.

In the Indy office, Tom told me that from then on, we only could cite allegations about the Town Police if they were in a lawsuit against the town or if they formed a judge’s decision.

Chief Scott had complained to Tom about my articles, so I wrote him a letter. Since I had verification for whatever I reported, I told him I would discuss the coverage with him anytime he wanted, Of course, he never responded.

I don’t remember if a police report ever made the local press about an incident involving then-off duty police officer William McGintee. While working for Puff Daddy at one of his summer parties, Mr. McGintee drove an inebriated/overdosed young lady from the grounds to a waiting ambulance off site. I have a copy of that police report.


East Hampton

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