Stella Maris


On March 14 the students celebrated “Pi (3.14)” day! This annual event has become a way for the students to appreciate the daily application of mathematics. Each class was asked to apply the concept of estimation by calculating the number of steps they would take from their classrooms to other parts of the school.

They also applied the concept of one-to-one correspondence and the use of fractions when they divided pies (apple, blueberry, and lemon meringue were the favorites!) with their classmates.

Students in first through eighth grade participated in classroom math bee challenges, and three winners from each class were chosen for the school-wide Math Bee.

The first- and second-grade students were asked addition, subtraction, and two-step equations. First-place winner was Brock MacGarva, second-place winner was Austin Shimmer, and Ryan Fowkes and Michael Derrig tied for third place.

The third- and fourth-grade students were asked multiplication, division, and three-step equations. Samantha Sandler won first place, Mia Herrlin won second place, and Rojuan Patterson won third place.

The middle school competition went fifteen rounds with the students answering six-step equations before a winner could be decided. First-place winner was Joanna Coehlo, second-place winner was Addie Herrlin, and Grace Mazzeo won third place.

In other school news, eighth-graders Sarah Hurley and Taylor Rose Sargent participated in the 27th Long Island Catholic Schools Honor Band at St. Anthony’s High School. They both played clarinet in the Wind Ensemble and the Honor Band Concert.

The students in Jane Brady’s fourth-grade class have teamed up with “Senior Pen Pals” from the Bridgehampton Nutrition Center. They will be writing letters to each other and hope to meet before the school year ends.

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