Dazzling candidate


I feel like we’re a flock of geese circling confusedly overhead after the lead goose has been shot dead. We’re in the process of choosing a new leader, just like the geese. A choice between a stay-in-the-Bush-mode Republican front-runner and two personality-clashing candidates from the Democratic Party who are competing against each other and whose campaigns are generating more enthusiasm than any other election since that of JFK. ?Whatever the outcome, this campaign will refresh our next history books: ?With a first-time-ever woman and a ?first-time-ever African-American competing for president of the United States.?Obviously, we’re in big trouble nationally with a recession imminent, the economy in a riptide, the job market at a slump, healthcare problems, housing inequities. Nothing good going for us right now. Our national debt is higher than ever because of a war we should not have waged.?Frankly, who would want to take over the job as president of the United States when affairs are in such a mess? Who could possibly straighten it all out? Another Republican? I don’t think so. Hillary Clinton? As hard as she is trying to knock out Barack Obama by character assassination, he’s currently winning—he’s acquired more delegates and more popular vote counts than she has! Why should he take second place? Because he’s unknown? Because he’s of a minority? That’s the same mentality as those who watch Tiger Woods line up a 60-foot putt and, under their breath, hope that he misses because he’s the best golfer, ever, in the world.?Why not give Barack a break and vote for him? He’s running a very smart fight. He dazzles the populace with charisma and oratory skills. He wants the job. He’s brilliant. Why not give him a break? He’s impressing first-time voters and also voters from nonchalant factions.?

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