Village Demolishes House on Glovers Lane


The Village of Westhampton Beach recently demolished a home at 11 Glovers Lane, a house that Southampton Town had purchased using Community Preservation Fund money in September 2007, and intends to turn the now-vacant property into a passive park.

George Gordon, the village’s superintendent of public works, explained that his crew razed the 600-square-foot house in less than a day last month. He noted that it has been at least a year since anyone lived in the two-bedroom home.

The town purchased the house and small lot for almost $606,000 from a private owner, according Westhampton Beach Mayor Conrad Teller. The village is now in charge of overseeing the property.

Robin Lechner, a real estate agent in the village and the founder of Harley’s Paws Park, a not-for-profit organization created in July 2007, hopes to open a dog park on part of the lot on Glovers Lane.

“It would be a totally fenced-in area, with grass and water and a doggy fountain,” Ms. Lechner said. “It would be pretty and would have an area for large dogs and small dogs.”

Ms. Lechner has been working with Southampton Town officials on opening a dog park in Red Creek Park in Hampton Bays, off Route 24. The organization, which is named after Ms. Lechner’s toy poodle Harley, wants to open a park on 1.5 acres located behind the town’s animal shelter.

She said that, if possible, she would like the village to also offer a dog park on Glovers Lane.

But Mayor Teller and Village Board Member Toni-Jo Birk said public consensus does not support opening such a facility.

“The majority of people I talked to don’t want a dog park because we just got our first playground in the fall, which is a dedicated recreation space for little kids,” Ms. Birk said. “It would be nice to have open areas for all generations.”

The mayor, who owns a dog, added that a dog park is not a necessity in the village.

Instead, Ms. Birk said the Glovers Lane land is an ideal location for a passive park that could be enjoyed by all residents. She noted that the lot, located just north of Main Street, is near the public bathrooms and the Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce office.

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