Extended contract dispute over


After working without a contract for nearly nine months, the teachers of Tuckahoe Common School District have finally settled on an agreement with the district’s Board of Trustees.?The teachers’ negotiating team has an informal agreement with the board, Dennis Schleider, president of the Tuckahoe Teachers Association, said last Thursday. Mr. Schleider said he expects the teachers will approve the contract at their meeting in early April.?”We settled on a contract a month ago and right now the paperwork is being worked out,” said Board of Trustees Chairman Robert Grisnik. “As far as I’m concerned, we have a contract.”?Mr. Grisnik and Mr. Schleider declined to reveal the terms of the contract, both saying they would only discuss it after final approval. Mr. Grisnik described the contract as mutually beneficial, and Mr. Schleider said “I wouldn’t present anything I wasn’t personally happy with.”?The Tuckahoe teachers have never gone this long without a contract in the history of the district, they said.?Mr. Schleider said, he wished the contract was settled 10 months ago, before the last one expired.?The last contract was three years long, but Mr. Schleider would not say the length of the new agreement and if it would be retroactive to June 30, 2007, when the previous contract expired.

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