Swastika found in Montauk school


A swastika more than 2 feet in diameter was found drawn in pencil on a bathroom wall at the Montauk School on March 12, according to Superintendent Jack Perna.?Police are investigating the incident; Mr. Perna said he knows of four students who went to the bathroom around the same time the swastika was likely drawn, but he is not sure that any of them drew it.?The school held an assembly for all of its sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders to talk about the incident, and Kim Notel, a DARE officer from the East Hampton Town Police Department, showed the students a video on the Holocaust and held a discussion afterward.?”Most of the kids are pretty upset that that was drawn, which is a good thing,” said Mr. Perna. He added that while kids are capable of doing “stupid” things, “this [was] a little more than just a stupid thing.”?Mr. Perna said Detective Janet Cassidy from the Suffolk County Hate Crimes Bureau will be coming to speak at the school in April.?

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