Myths are the DNA of our collective behavior, the templates by which communities, societies and cultures process information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, and wisdom into action and institutions. ?A new mythos is now being unfurled into the innermost reaches of the public psyche and human activities. It will dominate American politics and all major political movements. ?Since the start of the Cold War, the Republicans have based their whole strategic effort on the western mythos provoking fear of the future, denial of the present, and desire for the past. It has been a brilliant strategic success, not because Republicans are masters of the form or because people prefer fear and denial. It succeeded because Democrats didn’t engage the Republicans on a mythic level.?Putting Michael Dukakis, son of an immigrant, in a tank to show that Democrats can lead wagon trains across the mountains mixed up mythos with a stunningly visual presentation of the Statue of Liberty driving a tank. ?Lyndon Baines Johnson, admitted even by his enemies to be a gifted leader, was a classic contradiction in myths. A tall, rangy Texan, he was bound to the western mythos by birth. As such, Vietnam was just one more marauding band of Comanches to get back on the reservation. But Johnson was more than a Texan. Johnson was the exact reflection of the divided mythos that guides American politics: a Democrat, who wanted the war over, and he failed at trying to reconcile the myths. ?Now we are coming rapidly toward the beginning of a new mythos and both the Republicans and the Democrats are offering continuing and progressively lesser versions of their dated myths.?The new mythos that is revealing itself is now being rooted and articulated. It is decidedly not the Democrats’ Give-Me-Your-Tired-And-Poor mythos, and it is decidedly not the western mythos.?The mythos is that of hope and the future with Barack Obama leading the charge here and now in the United States. ?The mythos of hope and the future understands that the United States, like all nations, is being buffeted by the shift into dominance of a planetary culture that is creating a new planetary human who perceives his or her “home” in a multi-centric, multi-cultural manner. ?The new mythos understands that up to now, the beginnings of a break-up of both the Democrat empire and Republican empire has been seen as mismanagement problems rather than as a planetary shift to new centers of gravity. ?This new future shift in progress replaces the citizen whose dominance center is the nation, with those who understand multi-centric, with simultaneous duality to the local neighborhood, the city, the nation and increasingly, an even newer gravity center, a cultural and geographic identity not bound by state and nation that is more collaborative and bonding than are the gravity centers like cities and states and nations. ?The new mythos understands that this combined social or economic effort is neither coercion such as cities, states and nations impose, nor agreements such as the European Economic Community or the North America Free Trade Agreement. It is, instead, a collective result of cultural sensitivities. The mythos that Barack Obama understands has as its hero not him but each and every one of us who is slowly but surely understanding our own empowerment locally and can see ourselves as global citizens as well. ?The new mythos is the planetary vision and manifestation of a very powerful half-century old simple but knowing bumper sticker: “Think Globally, Act Locally.” The myth is in our hands now, and we can shape it in the ways we want.?

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