Puppy love


When the Puppy Experience opened in Aquebogue, my sister and I went in to see the puppies [“Protesters Are Howling Over Proposed Pet Shop,” March 27]. We noticed some of the puppies did not seem well. We ended up falling in love with a female bull terrier that we purchased and took home.

As instructed, we took her to be vet-checked at the Aquebogue Vets. She was diagnosed with a serious respiratory infection, bacterial infection and parasites. We were concerned about the state of her health and were told that she was one of the healthier puppies they had seen from the store.

To make a long and expensive story short, it took months of medications to clear up her problems. The medication for the canine influenza had to be administered with gloves due to its potency and because of the bacteria and parasites in the puppy’s urine and stool, the puppy and all areas had to be cleaned and disinfected after she relieved herself to prevent contamination to other animals.

We wish we knew then what we have learned about puppy stores and the places they receive these puppies from. Just because someone is listed as a breeder does not mean they don’t run a puppy mill. The information is out there and easily accessible. Please take the time to look into it.

We only hope that other people can learn from our mistake and that Hampton Bays residents will keep this sort of store out of their community.

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