Obituary: Carlo Traglio


Former Southampton resident Carlo Traglio died on March 9 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He was 92.

Mr. Traglio was among the last of the generation of post-World War II entrepreneurs who led the rebuilding of Europe’s economy.

Survivors said last week that Mr. Traglio, known in his family as “Carlo the Conglomerate,” was successful in a wide range of businesses. They added that he had a discerning eye for value and often developed a vision for what could be done to create value from an operating business or real estate property. Among his most prosperous ventures was a Coca Cola bottling and distribution business in Northern Italy.

In 1975 he purchased the Fordune estate, the old Henry Ford estate in Southampton, from Anne McDonald Ford and subsequently developed the surrounding property with an environmentally sensitive design that protected a long stretch of beach front.

He sold Fordune in 2002 and established residence in Monte Carlo aboard his most prized possession, a three-masted schooner, Xarifa, which he lived on until his death.

Mr. Traglio is survived by his wife, Sheila Traglio, of Southampton and Manhattan; two sons, Mark and Fulvio Traglio of Monaco; and three daughters, Monica Traglio, Graziella Pessina and Elide Ascenti of Italy.

A third son, Philip Traglio, predeceased him in 1983.

Funeral services were held on March 15 at San Martino di Rebbio in Como, Italy. Cremation followed.

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