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I feel compelled to write this letter concerning the new Hamptons Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation on County Road 39 here in Southampton Village. The center is an asset to village businesses, the local hospital, and the residents who stay here. I am 36 years old, with a rare neurological disease that requires me to live at the center.

As the center grew this year I was concerned that the care would decline. Well, the administrator made it clear that was not an option. As the new units opened, the facility stayed right on track. Each unit opened slowly, one at a time. Everyone felt safe and comfortable.

A facility of this kind must grow with the times. As the ages in the center’s population change, the staff has altered the programs to fit all our needs. The director of physical and occupational therapy has individualized programs for each resident, no matter his or her age or condition. Our director of recreation and his upbeat staff altered daily programs so that each resident could get involved. At our resident council meetings, we have a say on what activities, socials and day trips we do. It is nice to wake up and have something to look forward to; otherwise I would just lie around all day. Our day can get quiet; the activities we do keep us busy. It does bring smiles to our faces.

This facility is more than just a nursing home/rehabilitation center—it is my home. We are still human and do make a impact in our community. We just want to live our lives and enjoy our friends and family. We are now part of the Southampton community, and this facility pays taxes. We also make donations to local agencies.

It has been said that our facility abuses the 911 ambulance service. Even as a resident in this center, I should not receive any different treatment from any other resident in the community. The administrator has contracted private ambulance services for the not-so-emergency cases. This facility brings in a large amount of revenue for the local hospital. They send residents for outpatient testing and procedures, emergency room visits, and, of course, patients who need to be admitted. I was recently admitted and found out that without this facility they would lose half of the filled beds.

I read a letter to the editor recently [“Good care, and bad,” Letters, January 10] that was a complaint about the care that a family member received. Yes, everyone should have a opinion—we all have that right—yet it seems that people focus on the negative. I am aware that there have been numerous letters that have been sent to the paper, and only the negative have been published. I hope my letter has the chance for you to look past the words “nursing home/rehabilitation center.”

We are just new residents in this great community. Our doors are always open, even if you just want to join in one of our socials or activities. Maybe just sit and talk to the residents. All we want is to feel we are a part of Southampton Village. Again, this is only one person’s opinion. My life is not where I had hoped it would be at this time, but I am fortunate to have the Hamptons Center. I feel like I am part of a family, and when the morning comes I know I have the support system I want and need. All of the credit goes to the administrator and her wonderful staff.

I look forward to joining the Southampton community. Now, let’s see—how about you?

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