Teachers are special


I attended the meeting that Frances Genovese refers to in her letter [“Reform needed,” Letters, April 3], and I take exception to a number of her assertions.

The teachers of Tuckahoe did not show “a mocking and callous indifference” to the burden of school taxes—but Ms. Genovese, who stated that she represented a group of second-homeowners, did show a mocking and callous indifference to the real world issues faced by dedicated and talented educators. Ms. Genovese focused only on those teachers at the very top of the pay scale (some of whom have been teaching here for 20 years and have earned every dime) and ignored the plight of those in the middle or just starting out, many of whom cannot afford to own even one home in the Tuckahoe School District. In her letter, Ms. Genovese further mocks the “specialness” of our teachers. Whatever happened to a respect for educators? Teachers are special.

More importantly, the audit to which Ms. Genovese refers has absolutely nothing to do with the teachers. The school’s finances are the responsibility of the superintendent and the Tuckahoe School Board, not the teachers.

I understand that many people are concerned about their property taxes, and that the elderly struggle disproportionately, but why place the blame on our educators? After all, without quality teachers we would not have a quality school, and without a quality school the value of our homes (even those used only on summer weekends) would be greatly diminished.

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