Sag Harbor native missing from Marine Corps


Sag Harbor native Margaret “Maggie” Elizabeth McMahon, who disappeared from her station at a Marine base in California last week, was captured on a video surveillance camera attempting to withdraw money from an ATM in central Kansas on April 1.

It’s not clear at this point whether the 20-year-old marine’s relatives in New York still believe that she was kidnapped by her husband. Nevertheless, the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) is currently investigating the disappearance.

Ms. McMahon had married fellow Marine George “Kevyn” Reid, 22, in January and both were scheduled to be deployed to Iraq later this year. They both worked on radios in Humvees, Ms. McMahon at Camp Pendleton and Mr. Reid at the nearby Miramar Marine Corps Air Station.

The video prompted detectives from the Escondido Police Department in California to drop their missing person investigation.

In a press release, the police department said that Ms. McMahon was outside the jurisdiction of the department and turned the investigation over to the NCIS.

Ms. McMahon’s family said the couple had been fighting prior to their disappearance.

On March 30 Ms. McMahon called relatives and friends, saying that her husband was furious that she had been assigned a work duty on Saturday. She told relatives and friends that same weekend that she and her husband were having marital problems.

“He was very jealous. He was giving her a hard time because she was working with men,” said Ms. McMahon’s sister, Kimberleigh McMahon, 26, of Manorville.

Ms. McMahon’s mother, Kathryn McMahon, a former Sag Harbor resident who now lives in South Otselic, New York, said that on Tuesday night, someone withdrew $400 using her daughter’s debit card at an ATM in Hazelwood, Missouri.

Members of Ms. McMahon’s family also said that Mr. Reid has been checking e-mail pleas for information on his wife’s whereabouts on his MySpace account, but he has not responded. Ms. McMahon’s family is offering a $12,000 reward if she is found.

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