Input needed


This letter is to repeat a wakeup call to the Southampton Village public.

I was greatly disappointed by Mayor Mark Epley’s response [“Election antics,” Letters, April 3] to my earlier letter. Instead of joining me in trying to increase the level of public participation in the study of the central area of the village, he resorted to a personal attack.

Mark Epley and I seem to agree that a study of the central village area is a very high priority for the well-being of the village. Unfortunately, since the request for proposal seeking a consultant to lead this study appeared at the last moment, there was no genuine review by the trustees and no discussion before the public, which could encourage an exchange of points of view.

This study needs significant public involvement. It will guide the future of the central village area.

Please get involved. Your input is invaluable. Only then can a consultant help us to plan for the central business district, which will serve our needs without destroying its irreplaceable historic character.

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