Side by Side Child Care


A is for April and art. The new art program began this week for the toddler through pre-K students, with a month-long exploration of Vincent Van Gogh. The Busy Bees interpreted “Starry, Starry Night,” using crayon resist to create a shimmering effect with the moon and stars.

The Mighty Ducks explored the work “Olive Trees.” Thick paint and emotion were used to create this visceral interpretation. All works are on display in the big room.

The Chipmunks’ recent unit was on the subject of dinosaur habitats. They learned how fossil hunters are actually dinosaur detectives, using clues found today to answer 65-million-year-old questions.

The infants are enjoying a farm unit in music class—animal sounds are always a hit. The Boogieing Babies are working their bodies and their minds with a combination of kids’ classics and classics for kids.

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