Grist for the Mill: Week of April 10


My apologies to anyone who had an item that was to appear in last week’s column. I was unable to submit that column due to technical difficulties. ?My computer is now in the hospital, and with my life on that hard drive, including all the bits and pieces sent to me for Grist, I could not get to much of what I needed to put this column together. ?Fortunately, I had forwarded several items to my work computer, which is where I am now on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, piecing together a Grist for the Mill.

You would think that not having a column last week would mean having twice as much to write about this week, but alas, for the aforementioned reasons, that wasn’t the case.

One item that I can tell you about, though, is a call for volunteers for the 2008 East End Cleanup. The Water Mill Citizens Advisory Committee and the Water Mill Community Club are spearheading a hamlet-wide effort to clean up our neighborhoods, roadsides, and beaches. You pick the place.

Volunteers may collect trash bags and garbage picks between 9 and 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, April 19 and 20, at the community club’s tennis house on Nowedonah Avenue, or opt to use their own bags. If you’d like to arrange an earlier date to pick up (or clean up, for that matter), call 726-4899 or e-mail so that the organizers may coordinate all the areas being cleaned and note the community’s efforts.

As the e-mail from the Water Mill Citizens Advisory Committee says: Your Support Will Make This Annual Event a Clean Sweep. Indeed!

Core Dynamics in Water Mill is organizing an intriguing event to benefit the South Fork Breast Health Coalition. An indoor octathalon competition will take place on Saturday, April 19 (so hurry and register!), at the gym on Deerfield Road. It is a timed race of eight gym exercises including a quarter-mile at a 10 percent grade on the treadmill, 40 lat pull downs, 40 step-ups, 60 sit-ups, a 500-meter row, 40 bench presses, a 25-kJ bike ride and 40 shoulder presses. There is a beginner level and competitive level, and individuals and two-member team relays are permitted. To register, stop at Core Dynamics or go to

The deadline to register for the Water Mill Community Club’s Youth Scavenger Hunt, “The Amazing Race,” was yesterday (April 9), so I hope you’ve already done so if you plan to participate. The event is set for Sunday, April 13, starting at the Water Mill Community House at 2 p.m. (Please note, this is a change of date and time from those listed in the club’s events calendar.) The suggested age for participants is 10 to 15, but there must be an adult driver over the age of 25. For more information, call Vicki and Les Corwin, the event’s chairs, at 726-7044.

By now, most readers have heard about Jerry Seinfeld’s automobile mishap in East Hampton. Turns out the Car Doctor in Water Mill has been inundated with calls and e-mails—mostly from the media, probably—regarding Seinfeld’s Fiat because he is among the shop’s clients. Word has it that the Fiat is not at the Car Doctor, nor has it ever been, although over the years they have seen some of the other cars in Seinfeld’s vintage car collection.

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