Minors damage multiple properties in Springs


Two 15-year-old boys from East Hampton are expected to be charged with juvenile delinquency after they allegedly damaged or stole property from at least seven homes on Water Hole Road and Pembroke Drive near Hog Creek in Springs.

Police said that the two minors, whose names are not being released, spray painted houses, stole and damaged a Moped and an all-terrain vehicle, pushed a lawn mower into a pool, ?and caused other damage, largely within a 10-day period before April 3. Lieutenant Michael Sarlo of the East Hampton Town Police said that the boys will be charged with juvenile delinquency within the next few days and will have their cases heard in Suffolk County Family Court in Riverhead. He said that the juvenile delinquency charges stem from multiple misdemeanor and felony charges of burglary, petit larceny, criminal mischief, and making graffiti.

The police received their first complaint on April 3 from a homeowner on Pembroke Drive who told them that someone had broken into his shed and spray painted his home, according to Lieutenant Sarlo.

Police canvassed the neighborhood and found more damaged property.

Although officially they have linked the juveniles to seven cases, Lieutenant Sarlo said, police are still investigating at least two other incidents in the area.

Except for one of the incidents, which occurred in October, all of the crimes were committed within the past few weeks.

“Most of the residences where this occurred were seasonal residences,” Lieutenant Sarlo said. “There weren’t people home, and a lot of it went unreported.”

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