Shifting sands


In spite of the protections afforded by the village’s original suit against federal, state and county governments, which allowed its formation in 1993, the spit of sand that is West Hampton Dunes is as transitory as the rest of the barrier beach to the east of it, although more so with less protection in the form of dunes and vegetation.

The bayside homeowners who have had extra sand deposited on their properties should enjoy it (as long as it might last) in its natural state and allow the birds and ducks a little extra habitat [“Sandstorm Might Alter Village Border, April 3]. The Atlantic Ocean beach widens and narrows with each passing storm of every winter, but the property lines of those who abut it do not change.

By eating up all the open space in the East End, we are destroying the natural attributes that have drawn people here in the first place. The construction of yet more homes on the shifting sands of an already terribly over-built community is wrong.

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