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Another whoa! In light of the recent article about national health insurance [“Doctor’s Prescription for Change,” March 6], I’m not sure The Southampton Press has the patience or the fortitude to stay with this subject another week but …

First of all, my congratulations to Dr. Elaine Fox for not only joining the battle on a local level, but also for having the temerity not to roll over when the local media casually says: “nice idea, someday.” The one inescapable fact contained in last week’s Press, when it cited the contract difficulties local hospitals were having with Oxford health insurers [“Oxford Pulls Plug on Peconic Bay,” March 27], was not only Oxford’s claim it could not afford the hospital’s charge, but Oxford’s abject silence about its preposterous billion-dollar profit in the last fiscal year.

The issue, it seems to me, is rather simple. When are the American people going to tire of enriching insurance companies like Oxford (United Health Plan)? When is Congress (the American people) going to cast off its monkey (the health insurance lobby)?

Twenty-five years as a health care ?provider has me convinced the transition to a system of national health insurance would neither be simple nor as cheap as Dr. Fox implies. But it would be far, far better. And healthier. And more American.

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