Alternatives for Children


Kasia Tuminski’s class has been introducing the letter “S” this week and starting to create a spring mural. Projects for the week are a golden sun and sparkling stars. Students are practicing cutting shapes of different sizes.

On Friday, the children will be enjoying strawberries. At circle they will be reading books and searching for words that start with the letter “S.”

Susan Orlie and Dana Craft’s class is also being introduced to the letter “S.” Students are using a seal, star and sun stamp to create the shape of the letter on a soccer ball. They are filling up their mural with spring friends. The pond is filled with yellow ducks and will be joined by tulips made in spring colors.

Samantha Ruben and Christine Lennon’s class is learning the Letters “M” and “N.” Students are talking about magnets and mothers, tracing the letter “M” with macaroni and snacking on marshmallows!

For the letter “N,” they are using creative skills to make necklaces and also write newsletters home to their parents about their nice behavior in class. They are also discussing body parts including the mouth and nose.

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