The Hamptons might have more of an influence on the Democratic primaries than most people realize.

Southampton and East Hampton towns can claim three of the 46 superdelegates that New York State will send to the Democratic National Convention in August.

Unlike pledged delegates, who are selected by primaries and caucuses and committed to a certain candidate, superdelegates are elected officials and Democratic Party elders who are seated automatically and may vote for whomever they wish.

In the case of the South Fork’s superdelegates, all three individuals—U.S. Representative Tim Bishop of Southampton, former East Hampton Town Supervisor Judith Hope and Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman—are throwing their support behind Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Mr. Bishop predicted that neither Ms. Clinton nor Senator Barack Obama will win enough pledged delegates to take the Democratic nomination, and as a result, the superdelegates will put one or the other over the top. Superdelegates have been a part of the Democrats’ nomination process since 1984, but “this was really the first time the race has been so tight the superdelegates had a role that really mattered,” Mr. Bishop said.

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