Doctor to give lecture on eye care


Wearing a brimmed hat and wrap-around sunglasses in the summer can go a long way toward preventing cancer-causing sun damage to the eyes and face, according to a Southampton ophthalmologist who was named one of New York magazine’s best doctors in 2007.

Dr. Peter Michalos, who is also an associate clinical professor at Columbia University, will give a presentation on the dangers that ultraviolet radiation from the sun poses to the eyes and skin on May 13 as part of Southampton Hospital’s “Health Insights” series.

Besides cancers, Dr. Michalos pointed out that sun damage can also cause a pterygium, a growth on the eye near the nose that is likely to reoccur after being removed. He added that UV damage is cumulative over a lifetime, so good habits should be instilled at a young age.

“People don’t protect their children enough from ultraviolet radiation,” he said, pointing out that in Australia, where there is the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, there are laws requiring parents to make sure their children wear hats with a brim while in the sun.

Dr. Michalos also advised that laborers who work outside should protect their eyes with goggles.

“I give out goggles free in the community,” he said. Protective eyewear is vital for landscapers, he noted, because if a weedwhacker or another machine hits a rock, it can go flying right into someone’s face.

Dr. Michalos’s lecture will take place on Tuesday, May 13, at 5:15 p.m. at Parrish Memorial Hall on Herrick Road in Southampton Village. For reservations, call 726-8700.

Brendan O’Reilly

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