The green monster


Yes folks, it took only 4.5 billion years, but Southampton Town is “going green.”

Let’s all celebrate the pioneering efforts of our Town Board for singlehandedly taking charge of our lives and reducing our decadent carbon footprint to save the planet [“Town Taking Lead on Global Warming,” April 10].

Soon the presses across the continents will hail: “Earth Saved: Southampton Town’s Throne-Holst a Hero.”

Before you start celebrating by popping the cork and releasing bubbly carbon dioxide out of the champagne bottle, let’s review the dire situation.

Our 4.5-billion-year-old planet’s atmosphere is currently made up of about 79 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen and a staggering 0.038 percent of carbon dioxide. Yes, in the last century the amount of carbon dioxide has gone up from 0.035 percent to the astronomically suffocating amount of 0.038 percent, which is almost four one-hundredths of 1 percent. And so, according to global warming gestapo, it is the three-thousandths of a percent increase in carbon dioxide that is turning Mother Earth in to a convection oven. How else could you explain the fact that when you compare 100-year-old thermometer readings to today’s satellite readings, the Earth might have warmed by about one degree in the last century?

The facts that are being ignored are that water vapor is singlehandedly responsible for 95 percent of the greenhouse effect, without which we would all freeze to death, and the other obvious fact is that the insignificant levels of carbon dioxide could not possibly be responsible for the warming and cooling that has been taking place naturally for the few thousand years we’ve been standing on two feet and the billions of years before that.

But facts be damned. As my father used to say, there is the truth and then there is the “official truth.”

Under the guise of saving the planet and caring for our children, governments at all levels, led by pandering politicians, have quickly realized that waving the green flag is great way to show they really care, all the while socking it to us with new taxes. The carbon footprint is the government’s very own new lucrative gold rush. In order to fight the evil carbon dioxide, the gas every living creature exhales, including Al Gore, the government now has a moral authority to tax us, to control our lives and do whatever else needs to be done to reduce our carbon footprint in the battle to stop the sweltering inferno we are already living in.

The cost of “going green” is felt all around us. From skyrocketing food prices, thanks to the government forcing the use of corn to make ethanol, to countless EPA regulations. As new green laws are added, you can bet your already over-taxed ranch that you will be the one who will be forced to pay yet a little more.

The question becomes how much longer do we, the people, remain silent like passive cattle to slaughter? When will common sense return to the citizenry of this great nation? When will you, the common citizen, stand up and remember that “governments derive their just powers, only from the consent of the governed?” When will you stand up for your ever-shrinking rights and repel the long train of abuses and usurpations you are voluntarily submitting yourself to by your very silence?

While we still have First Amendment rights, I challenge you to speak up and publicly denounce the global warming hoax. I submit to you, it’s not the carbon footprint we should all fear, it is the ever-increasing size of the government footprint that will crush us all.

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