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I was very upset when I saw the new puppy shop opening up in Hampton Bays. I am a full-time, taxpaying resident here and I fully support the Southampton Town Animal Shelter, not only with my tax dollars but with my whole heart and soul.

Last summer, when my third child (of four) was turning 10, she begged for a puppy. She wanted a puppy that would “stay little forever.” The first place we looked was our shelter. We saw so many adorable puppies and wonderful dogs—I left in tears. How can there be so many fabulous animals that nobody wants? Who are these heartless people who abandon dogs, let their dogs run wild and breed uncontrollably, or worse yet, treat their animals inhumanely?

I don’t get it, but what I do get is this: If people want to get a dog or puppy, they can do what I did. Go to the shelter.

Talk to the very knowledgeable staff, explain what you want and what your situation is, and go from there. When we told them what we wanted, it took about two weeks to find our puppy. And when we found Charlotte, our adorable 8-week-old beagle, they wouldn’t let us adopt her right away. First they checked us out.

They wanted to know where she would live, sleep and play. They wanted to know if she would be fed, loved and treated kindly, taken to the vet regularly and have a good life.

They called our vet to make sure our other dog and cat were up to date on shots. Our cat needed a booster shot and they wouldn’t let us take Charlotte until we got the shot for Jim.

I was surprised and happy to see how sincere the staff was in ensuring that the dogs/puppies that they adopt out go to good homes. When we left the shelter with Charlotte, she was just a baby; Now she is a 10-month-old member of our family. She is spayed, as all of our pets are, and she is up to date on all of her shots, just like all of our animals.

Our pets are important members of our family and if you are looking for a pet, please consider what I am saying here. And please remember this: for every puppy that is purchased at the new puppy store, that means another puppy or dog is sitting in our town shelter, patiently waiting for someone to love it, and our tax dollars are paying to keep it there.

I am proud to say that I fully support the animal shelter, I would only adopt a pet from our shelter and I do not want to see Hampton Bays with a new puppy store.

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