Forever true


Not so often in my life have I met a man like Rabbi Rafe Konikov—an honest, sincere and humble man who gives from his heart, who loves everyone he meets as a friend, who touches the very soul of one’s being, who dreams of a better world, a safer world, a peaceful world, who is strong and yet so humble and good beyond words and feelings. Rabbi Konikov is a good man who dances and sings as he prays, and loves his congregation as he loves himself from the well in his heart.

All who know him can say what a true and strong friend he really is, who gives from his belly where his laughter and tenderness and love spring like a great fountain. He is a man who only wants to heal the sick, and his heart is so great and so strong that the world is a better place.

Thank you, rabbi. Thank you, rabbi, for being a friend, a true friend for life and beyond, where your love of life and tenderness, like a great beautiful, peaceful dream where all your goodness comes from, for us all, forever and forever, in the heart, where your love sings in a silent chant, in a silent prayer that touches one’s own inner being, in his heart that comes from his soul and beyond.

Thank you, rabbi, for your love that comes inward and out to the world, soft and real as a teacher, who only does and knows good. I know that all who know you believe it’s true forever.

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