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I am writing with regard to Joan Powers Porco, the author of the weekly Montauk Moorings column. Her piece for the April 2 issue on the Town of East Hampton’s Montauk Adult Day Care Program was outstanding. I personally phoned her to convey my thanks, but feel it is necessary to write to you as well.

As director of the program, as well as the person with whom the interview was conducted, I am more than satisfied with how the piece was written. Mrs. Porco is an extremely professional reporter with a keen ability to allow people to speak freely.

I feel that this article was well written and really captured the message and purpose of my program. I am pleasantly surprised that my quotes are all accurate, which has not been the case for me in the past with other reporters.

On behalf of the Town of East Hampton’s Adult Day Care Program and all staff, I say thank you and bravo. I am more than happy to work with Mrs. Porco again in the future.

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