Long history


This letter is in response to Zelda Penzel’s rant [“Sitting ducks,” Letters, April 17] in The Press. Zelda, where did you live before moving to the East End, and did you do any research before moving here?

Spring Farm has been in operation for nearly 70 years, right out in the open, not under the radar—imagine that. Residents of our town have been hunting since their arrival in the 1600s and this tradition continues to this day. Your baseless claims and factual inaccuracies are insulting to anyone who hunts. Your ignorant blather does nothing to further your transparent anti-hunting agenda.

We are fortunate to have elected officials who are committed to fight for our rights, thanks Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot.

It’s surely time for you, Zelda, to say: “I must educate myself about an issue before I make an ass of myself in a public forum.”

By the way, I don’t hunt, but I respect the rights of those who do.

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