Willfully ignorant


Last week was my “Obama bitterness” time, but I’m back, fighting mad. Last week, a process server served my third case against the Southampton Village Board of Historical Preservation and Architectural Review.

Moving right along. Last week, our professional process server delivered process (that means a lawsuit, kid) to the defendants—Village of Southampton Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review, Village of Southampton Building Department, not just for the usual Article 78 lawlessness, but for fraud.

By the by, for the record, the women who work as building department clerks are without fail, courteous, helpful and pleasant to me. I never thought that those two ladies committed the fraud. Might they have known about it?

The guys at the building department? Also helpful and nice. Chris and every one of them. I’d never forget their Social Security number, but I’m lousy on names. Now, let me make something clear: Jon Foster is also always civil to me, but he has (1) a conflict of interest; he works for a real estate firm in his day job; and (2) could that fraud have gone on without his knowledge? Let the court decide.

What about the ARB? What shall I say? I offered them those tell-tale maps of our Rosko Place subdivision time and again. I described those maps in great detail in ARB public hearings. Those maps determine, by law, how notification of public meetings is to be done. They make mincemeat of the ARB’s “one house at a time” strategy, and they turn the “four immediate neighbors only” notification process into a Fifth Amendment “regulatory or legislative taking.”

The ARB kept on refusing to look at the two maps. Now, you can be dumb and innocent maybe one or two times, but after a while, you end up being either unbelievably dumb, which is no excuse before the law, or willfully ignorant, which makes you guilty. I’m going for the latter. I just can’t imagine that any residents of our upscale Southampton Village could possibly be that dumb. But I’m willing to learn.

Let’s see what the court says. Remember, guys, I’m with you. They’re not!

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