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Spring has arrived at the school. The walls are covered with art projects depicting everything from dragonflies and butterflies to handprint daffodils and Van Gogh “Sunflowers.”

The Mighty Ducks picked a good week to start their unit on seeds. The beautiful sunshine is helping the seedlings grow at what seems an accelerated rate. So far, it’s marigolds in the lead, with zinnias a distant second. Covering the windows are varied beans, which, as they sprout, are creating nature’s version of stained glass.

Outdoor time is less recess and more science field trip, as the children identify flora sprouting from seeds. A tomato plant’s growth is being monitored week by week.

The Leap Frogs have been exploring flowers sprouting in the playground.

One student offered this opinion: “Even though my daddy says dandelions are weeds, I still think they are beautiful.”

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