Stories to tell


I can’t wait for Deb Foster’s next article.

I was with her on that ride home from JFK, huddled over the Newsday article in disbelief as we read the frightening news of abolition of the Planning Department [“Planning Department abolished,” The Story Behind the Story, April 9]. I’ll never forget the shock.

I remember Tom and Cathy Lester’s unwitting entrance into civic activism. The recollection of Tom with the bag of clams actually made me choke up. I am proud to have known them both.

Her writing is so vivid, that for those of us who lived through those times, Deb’s articles are more than just nostalgic—they are visceral.

There are lots of stories. The essence of the town’s future was being decided and history was being made.

Has it been two weeks yet? I can’t wait.

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