Did I say thanks?


Just a note to publicly thank the “fools for money” in our society. So, thank you to those who turned a beautiful piece of America into a multimillion-dollar Levittown. Thank you to those whose greed has helped to make New York the state with the highest level of economic disparity in the union. Thank you for all the “monuments to excess” where once were beautiful panoramic views. Thank you to everyone who built a monument to their excess, oops, I mean your “success.” Thank you for putting the “American Dream” out of reach for your neighbors. Thank you for turning local agriculture into something one step away from becoming a memory. Thank you for fiscally evicting families who called this their home year round for generations, in lieu of extravagant, ostentatious homes occupied scantly except for the summer months. Thank you for destroying farms that could have helped to offset the current world food shortages. Thank you for driving the cost of living through the roof on Long Island, and across the nation, for the working class. There are countries in the world that learned not to break the backbone of their country. That spine would be the “middle class.” Thanks to all those whose lust for power and dominance are destroying the planet. Thank you to those who do not live as citizens of the world. Thanks to those who accept things as OK the way they are. Thanks to those who lecture about hardship, from a position of comfort. Thank you to those that destroyed a racetrack that should have been a national historic landmark, in lieu of a golf course. A big thank you to those who hacked up Bayberry Land for a golf course, it could have been the next Morton Wildlife Refuge. Thank you to those who have exploited the East End, and raped the land in the process. A thank you to those who work for charitable organizations, and take home an inordinately large paycheck. Thank you to those who take home perks and bonuses plus their six or even seven figure salary, many for poor performance, and leave the janitor to make considerably less. A thank you to those who still commit the oldest “sins” in the newest ways. Thank you to those who can’t grasp what “take only that which you need to survive” means. Thank you to those who look down on people who do what you can’t or won’t, nor have the ability or sense to do. Thank you to public servants who have no idea what it really means. Thank you to “educators” who steal from the districts and the children. Thank you to those whose lifestyle steals from the next generation. Thank you to those who think they can own what is and should be public domain. Thank you to those who litter the highways, streets, and beaches, turning the ocean into a trash dump in the process. Thank you to those who take advantage of the system, and deduct considerable sums of money for personal luxury from their taxes, cheating society of working capital in the process. Thank you to those who have supressed green technology for decades, and still continue to do so.

A wise man once said, “Either we learn to live as brothers and sisters in this world, or we will ALL die on this planet as fools.” Et finale, a thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who make “de pecuniae” segregation possible.

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