Laws can change


Obviously, Linda Kabot lives no where near the Sag Harbor hunting preserve [“Animal activists target preserve,” April 24]. Only those near here have the privilege of being awakened at dawn to the blaring sound of gun shots. So much for the noise ordinance and alarm clocks. I have seen rotting carcass of birds strewn about the woods by so-called “hunters” who have wounded and not killed.

Yes, there are pheasants flying helplessly around the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike and you can see them lying dead by the side of the road. Who would report hitting a bird? Not with my Benz. If these birds are in such good shape and free as claimed, they would not live on a hunting preserve. The blasts from the shotguns keep the truly “free” birds on the many surrounding ponds in the area.

It is laughable at best that David Schellinger will not answer key questions presented to him. I guess the only way something will be done is when one of our curious children or hikers wanders a little too close to this hunting paradise and gets shot or winds up with some type of disease. Why do we always have to wait until tragedy occurs?

Laws can change. We had trapping here until a woman lost her dog after his head wound up in a steel trap. Children play and we hike in these woods, which are more populated now than in the day when Mr. Schellinger began his shooting gallery. So much for that argument. Why is that not a consideration? Why not encourage these people to head over to the shooting range in Calverton, where the chance of anyone getting injured is slim? Guess it is just not that exciting or ego-satisfying.

This type of “sport” is no different than the 1,000-plus exotic hunting preserves that exist in the United States today, catering to the self-proclaimed privileged and connected. What kind of “animal” delights in shooting a giraffe? These exotic animals are helplessly awaiting their death just like the ones in days of the Roman Coliseum. This is the evolution of mankind? Enough is never enough and I applaud Councilwoman Anna Throne-Holst for taking a stand on this archaic ritual.


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