Huge blunder


I was glad to see a voice of reason and common sense in Hank De Cillia’s Viewpoint [“The ‘new’ County Road 39—blessing or curse?” April 17].

I too am pleased to have the fourth lane. But at what cost to our community? Despite all the self-congratulations by our politicians, the “new” County Road 39 is a huge blunder. Anyone who has travelled on it will have to agree that “unsafe” and “ugly” are inadequate words to describe the highway.

Anyone who hasn’t driven on it should try it out. Try making a left turn onto Shrubland Road. Try pulling onto the road from any business parking lot. Imagine the road at night, in a fog, with rain, or with snow or ice. But watch out for those utility poles, which are about two feet from the right lane.

Hank is right. It is only a question of time until the road needs to be rebuilt. My guess is it will be sooner than anyone thinks.


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