Dead wrong?


Per Edwin Schwenk’s letter about County Road 39 [“A blessing,” April 23]. Edwin, I hate to tell you, but you are totally wrong, and I have the near-miss accident with my kid in the car, a scraped up fender and a blown tire to prove it.

The road is too fast. There is no room to enter it from side roads and parking lots along the way. You can’t see the traffic when you try to enter the road because of plantings and brick walls. The road was mis-engineered, rushed into place on the cheap. Yes, it’s great that we now don’t have traffic during the morning rush but the rest of the day the road is a disaster for those who have to use it for more than a commute.

How many people are going to have to be hurt and how many lives are we going to have to lose before the powers-that-be and the Southampton business community realize this?


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