Beg forgiveness


Once again it is time for Alec Baldwin to eat his words.

I just found a copy of a letter Baldwin wrote to the East Hampton Star on January 16, 2005 about McGintee and me, which I quote in part:

“You would think the Republicans in East Hampton would be glad to have someone of Bill’s character, demeanor and background in office and town government.”

Baldwin rambles on about the national Republican Party and, as we know, at another time Baldwin said he would leave the country if Bush were elected.

After the rant about Republicans, Baldwin flatteringly turned his attention to me: “And if only Tim Sullivan could get up off his knees and stop licking the boots of Up Island builders and developers!”

Returning to McGintee, Baldwin had this to say:

“I hope Bill runs again and I hope he wins. All political figures need time to find their legs and Bill has grown into a fine supervisor.”

I think it is time for Alec Baldwin to get down on his knees before his favorite mirror and pray to himself for forgiveness.

Better still, he should keep his promise and leave the country.


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