Tuckahoe School


The following eighth-grade students achieved High Honor Roll for the third quarter of the 2007-2008 school year: Peter Barnaby, Anthony Grimaldi, Juan Medina, John Eric Caballero, Carris Flynn, Melissa Sadousky, Bar-Shawn Cowell, Lorraine German, Hannah Immerman, Brett Listl, Konrad Wroblewski, Jesse Greenberg and Bryan Finalborgo. Students in eighth grade who achieved Honor Roll were Marissa Epley, Edita Islami, Jorge Rojas, Kevin Sanchez and Krissia Romero.

Seventh-graders named to the High Honor Roll were Justine O’Brien, Alexander Atwater, Alexander Aponte, Molly Camacho, Daniel Grindle, Elouise Miny, Samantha Bedard, Taylor Gise, Evan Gravano, Evan Scheuch, Johel Arce, Eden Benard, Nathalia Gracia, Shannon Manley, Jazmin Stith and Devon Trent. Named to the Honor Roll in seventh grade were Ben Sosne, Alia Buoniello, Tyler McCoy, Daniel Rodriguez and Hannah Pell.

Students who achieved High Honor Roll in sixth grade were Noelle Crough, Kasandra Taraku, Eryk Kropiwnicka, Jake Marano, Jeremy Schwartz, Stephen Gerzack, Sarah Warren, David Kirshy, Christian Westerhoff, Erik Bartolon, Paola Tene, Erick Ceballos, Kevin Edgar, Gregory Nanos, Caroline Rumph, Christopher Bautista and Alexis Suydam.

Named to the Honor Roll in sixth grade were Ryan Gill, Jordan Jarrin, Wesley Sammon, Andrea Soto, Thomas Beckman, Satish Mohan, Angie Hurtado and Daniella Gonzalez.

The school congratulates these students on a job well done.

The new playground continues to be enjoyed daily by students and community members. A brick walkway that will help to beautify the grounds is being planned. Parents and members of the community will soon have the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick to honor an individual or a family. Purchasing a brick could be the perfect gift for upcoming holidays such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

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