Notes from Springs


There is a new minister in town and her name is Jeanne Baum. She will be with the Springs Presbyterian Church for the next eight months while the church board continues its search for a permanent replacement. I hope to meet with her at some point and find out her thoughts on meatloaf dinners and Armageddon. Also the new officers for the church are Jim Bennett, Pat Burnett and Tom Talmage. The new deacons are Jan Collins, Wendy Hall, Deanna Tikkanen and Pat Titus. The church would also like to thank the Reverend Nancy Horwath for her guidance during this transition period.

The Springs Library appreciates book donations, but library lady Maryann has a few requests. Please don’t drop off old textbooks, old magazines, books that smell, books that have been under water, books that have been nibbled on and books that have been involved in any unsavory activities. The library would also appreciate having books dropped off on the back stairs when the library is closed. And don’t forget to bring the kiddies for Saturday story hour at 10:30 am.

The Surface Library will be kicking off its 2008 season on Saturday, May 3, with a show titled “Fire and Smoke.” The show will feature clay artists displaying their works that were created through different clay-firing techniques. As the Surface Library folks explain it, “Historically, earth, fire and water have been the primary ingredients for all clay pottery. This dates back about 16,000 years. These ancient techniques have been adapted to enhance, decorate and create artistic works that resonate from the past.”

The artists for the show are Diane Girardi, Peter Langmack, Phyliss Hammond, Pat Swyler, Bob Brisley, Jana Hayden and co-owner of the gallery, Bob Bachler. The opening is May 3 from 6 till 9 p.m. and the show runs through May 25.

The Springs General Store is getting into summer mode. Kristi has started renting kayaks. The store also offers a selection of books for sale. Some of the selections are “The Hamptons Suite” and “100 Views of the Hamptons,” which are books of photos by Ken Robbins. Also available is a “Guide to the South Fork.” For the conspiracy groups, there is the book, “The Montauk Disappearances.” Also available at the store are Bonacker basketball T-shirts. They sell for $15 and all proceeds go to the team.

Now about Springs Day. We are looking for a henna tattoo artist, a puppet show person and anyone interested in helping out and anyone with ideas for making the day more interesting. Contact me at the above numbers.

Finally, congratulations to me and my wife Coleen Curtin for surviving 18 years of marital bliss (I sleep with one eye open).

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