Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association elects executive board


By Jessica DiNapoli

Members of the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association elected a new executive board at their meeting Monday night held at the Phillips Avenue School in Riverside.

Michael Brewer, a founding member of the organization and its president for the past five years, will serve in the top position for at least another year despite threats he made during the group’s March meeting suggesting that he would step down.

Michael Sacco, who had served as president of the community group for the past two years, did not seek reelection. Mr. Sacco had accused Mr. Brewer of suppressing the opinions of other civic members during last month’s meeting.

Mr. Sacco said he stepped down because of his increased involvement in the Society of Survivors of Sexual Offenders, noting that his niece, Connie Russo, was murdered in White Plains in 2006 by a convicted sexual offender. He is also involved in Bay View Pines, a civic association in Flanders.

Brad Bender, who was chair of FRNCA’s Beautification Committee last year, was elected vice president on Monday.

“I wish to continue with the Beautification Committee, but want to steer the association in a direction that helps the community, whether it’s code enforcement or quality of life issues,” Mr. Bender said. “A lot of town services in this area are skipped over because we’re in the corner and we’re not a resort area. We’re left to fend for ourselves.”

Eugene Rausch, who was acting treasurer for the last five years, will retain his position for another year. Doris Schneider, who was the secretary for the past two years, stepped down from her post.

“I’m just tired,” Ms. Schneider said. “It’s time to move on.”

Mr. Brewer said he expects that Patty Hopkins, who has been involved in the organization since its founding in 2001, will be elected secretary at the next meeting in May. She did not attend Monday’s meeting. As a result, Ms. Schneider will remain secretary until Ms. Hopkins assumes the post.

In addition to the four executive officer positions, there are three people who serve as “general members” on the FRNCA board. David Brewer, Mr. Brewer’s brother and a founding member of the group, will replace Brad Bender on the board. Laura Smith and Barbara Swisloski will hold on to their positions as general members.

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