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A successful, single businesswoman yearns to have a child but can’t. She hires her polar opposite, a crude blue-collar type, to act as a surrogate.

A sketchy car dealer can’t turn down a former neighborhood friend’s seemingly easy plan for a bank heist. But when the robbery yields more than just loot, those whose secrets he has accidentally stolen come looking for him.

A Jesuit missionary takes it upon himself to save the souls of the Huron and Algonquian Indian tribes in 17th century Canada. He is met with wariness and hostility from the natives while trying to overcome severe cultural differences, all the while struggling with his own faith.

Based on a true story, this unusual tale of survival takes place in a German concentration camp where prisoners are forced to print counterfeit money or be killed.

An erotic psychological thriller about an accountant who gets mixed up in an alleged kidnapping and big money theft after visiting a sex club with a friend.

The French film with English subtitles tells the tale of a soldier who foolishly falls in love with a socialite.

A part-time FBI forensic psychiatrist receives an unnerving phone call informing him that he only has 88 minutes to live. He then must determine who has issued the death threat and why, while trying to keep himself alive.

Set in 1960s London, a frustrated female executive who can’t get promoted teams up with an old-timer janitor at a diamond company for a grand heist.


A teenager finds a weapon in a Chinatown pawnshop that magically transports him back in time to join a band of martial arts heroes.

A hapless musician decides to get away from it all after he is dumped by his television star girlfriend. Unfortunately, the hotel he picks to recover in is also the same one his ex and her new lover have chosen for a romantic romp.


A wealthy industrialist who is forced to build a suit of armor after a life-threatening accident decides to become a crime fighting superhero.


A good-natured womanizer realizes that he has fallen in love with his best female friend, only after she becomes engaged. Acting as her made of honor, he attempts to woo her for himself.

This sequel to “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” picks up the action where the original left off. After leaving the fast food mecca, the two young men are mistaken for terrorists and detained after hopping on a plane to Amsterdam to chase after Harold’s dream girl.

French film with English subtitles. A young French woman travels across America to learn more about love and life.

Italian film with subtitles. Two brothers growing up during turbulent political times become polarized by starkly different philosophies and their love for the same woman.

An adventuress young girl who lives on the magical and imaginary Nim’s Island, encounters the reclusive author of her favorite books, whose main character, Alex Rove, is the girl’s favorite literary heroine. But when the young girl’s father goes missing, the two must join forces to find him.

Loose remake of the classic 1980 slasher. This updated version finds a high school student being stalked on her prom night by a former teacher who massacred her entire family three years before.

A widowed professor decides he must make a change after beginning to date a former student and reconnecting with his lay-about brother and estranged children.

Based on the true story of an MIT professor and five of his students who count cards in order to beat the system in Vegas for millions.

A single mother leaves her young son in the care of her own mother and decides to cross the U.S. border in search of a better life that she never really achieves. But when the young boy’s grandmother dies several years later, he takes it upon himself to cross the border to search for his mom.

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