Preserve our heritage


Two articles in the same edition of The Press of April 23 touched me deeply. A few summers ago, a Charleston cousin, Elise Pinckney, came for a visit. Driving her around our towns, Sag Harbor, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, as I came back to the light at the monument, I said to her: “And this is our local eyesore. This grand old Greek Revival house once sold its front yard to a filling station and is now such a wreck that it’s a tear down.” Elise said “ I could save it!”

In this edition of your newspaper, you report that the now-called Rogers House, dating to 1820, and considered one of the most important Greek Revival houses in New York State, is to be restored and to become the home of the Bridgehampton Historical Society [“Renovations for historic house to begin,” April 23]. In the same issue of The Press, your columnist Marshall Watson reports on the noble efforts of the Historic Charleston Foundation to save, not destroy, its heritage [“Lessons from Charleston,” Residence, April 23 & 24]. Bravo, Cousin Elise. Bravo Marshall, Bravo Bridgehampton for preserving our irreplaceable heritage.

FRED R. SMITHWainscott

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