Trail of destruction?


I am shocked and appalled regarding what I have learned about and observed taking place here in Southampton. I live on the Peconic Bay and have a 35-mile view of land, water and sky.

Recently, I was informed of a scourge taking place in Europe and simultaneously in our country—in California, Arizona and, I imagine, other states, and, much to my astonishment, also in the Town of Southampton, and also by default all the towns in this area.

The scourge I am speaking about is the spraying of matter into the atmosphere by planes flying at high altitudes, crisscrossing the sky in all directions, spewing out cloud-producing substances. Particularly, Friday, April 18, and again April 20, here into our pristine Long Island skies. The exhaust these planes emit are called chem trails. The purpose of this spraying is unknown to most of us citizens. It is a secret, as secret as something that we can all see can be, if it is even noticed by most. Supposedly to control the weather.

The results of this spraying, however, is not benign. The substance sprayed into the atmosphere, which in my case I noticed thrice in the last two weeks (I have photos and video as documentation), happens just before rain is in the weather forecast. I am told by people who have researched this matter that the substance contains barium and aluminum, and includes some kind of minute, even microscopic, silica filaments to help this substance descend to earth.

This increased barium and aluminum, and the plastic filaments of silica, are health menaces. Aluminium causes short-term memory loss and confusion, and long-term symptoms like Alzheimer’s. Barium affects the muscles and causes weakness in the human immune system. Silica affects our lungs, since this substance inadvertently gets inhaled, causing coughing, joint aches and headaches. In general, they are polluting our human environment, without permission, or providing information about these activities.

In essence, nature—our already very fragile environment, our birds, bees, bats, fish, lobsters and so many other creatures, already stressed and dying in great numbers; our trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables, all of our produce; our water supply—are being rained on by poisonous matter, the consequences and effects of which we have no way of knowing. How are we affected, and, most of all, how will it affect our children, our babies, all of us breathing in this polluted air, unprotected? Perhaps until it is too late and we are all dead. It is an outrage that our government and irresponsible scientists are permitted to use our environment, and us citizens, as experimental guinea pigs. Especially at this moment, when our environment is absolutely in the ultimate of stress.

As you know, during World War II, many experiments were done on various populations without their knowledge or regard to consequences—that includes the atomic bomb explosions in the Nevada desert. The scientists of the time could not have guessed the long-term effects of radiation poisoning on the earth and on human beings. How do the people who are conducting these experiments know what long-term effect their clandestine activity is going to have on our earth and human health?

The U.S. Navy is experimenting with ultrasound emissions in the seas and is killing or damaging the whales and dolphins. This looks to me like a similar irresponsible action.


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