Political pondering


It’s not my day to save the world. Looks like Barack Obama could do it today. Those two-hour boring Democratic debates are as interesting as canned asparagus. They simply are boring. I find I do not like to listen, especially to Senator Hillary Clinton. She has bright ideas but that monotone delivery makes the good ideas zero.

Barack is okay in the long format but he too gets into his almost monotonous bored style that makes you want to switch to a New York Knicks game. Can you believe it?

As mentioned, John McCain will make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi if we get really stupid and elect him. It’s not ?that he is 70, he simply has lost it. ?Some of his ideas are tantamount to giving the country to Vladivostok for nothing.

Actually Vladivostok has plenty of oil—okay.

I marvel at George Bush. His ability to sign away the war, the economy, education, Katrina, the entire works of outlandish opposites. Think of anything Bush says, always the opposite occurs. And Cheney—actually he is quite funny for a verified nutcase. And the rest who plot the world’s end should all be put in front of a judge and jury, then fired.


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