Earned wings


I would like to go on record pointing out that Tom Clavin’s use of the death of Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter is a cheap, despicable act at a time when his family is suffering [“The best years of their lives,” Farther East, April 30].

The use of his death to make an argument, which I doubt Jordan would be in favor of, is entirely self-serving and narcissistic.

Mr. Clavin displays a colossal lack of knowledge on a variety of subjects from basic economics to the war and the Iraqi and Afghanistan theaters of operations by adopting every moronic liberal cliché.

Here is a bulletin for Mr. Clavin:

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack H. Obama are going to pull our troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan and hang that loss around the neck of the Democratic Party should the American electorate be ignorant enough to give either of those two unqualified candidates the White House.

Mr. Clavin’s choice of the movie “The Best Years of Our Lives” to make whatever point he was trying to make strikes me as incredibly insensitive. Jordan’s life is over and his family will not feel that way about the future for some time to come.

Perhaps a better choice for a movie analogy would have been the Frank Capra Classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter, USMC, died a hero. His bravery saved the lives of 55 American and Iraqi soldiers. Those 55 soldiers will be able to go on with their lives as a direct result of Jordan’s actions. Hopefully, these soldiers will all go home to their families when the time is right and their part in the war is over. Go home to raise families and have the great life that they have earned. Hopefully, there will be a few new “Jordans” named in honor of the man who made their births possible.

Perhaps Jordan will take on the role of Clarence, the Angel.

He has earned his wings.


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