Walk the walk


I am wondering why there is no sidewalk for seven-tenths of a mile to the east and seven-tenths of a mile to the west from Tuckahoe Road along the newly paved and improved County Road 39 in Southampton.

It’s a mystery why the planners left these two pieces out of their plan, as there is new sidewalk on either side of these areas. Note too that the sidewalk is only on the south side of the road. There also seems to be an absence of bus stops and bus shelters along the road in both directions. Again, the needs of those of us without an automobile seem to have been overlooked.

Since the new Stony Brook Southampton campus is at the Tuckahoe Road intersection, one might assume that students might want to use a sidewalk to safely walk, jog or ride their bikes to shops along County Road 39 or go into the village. Also, there is no sidewalk along Montauk Highway in either direction, this being the students’ other choice of east-west travel.

Believe it or not, not every student has a car or access to a car, and some people still walk and use bikes, but no one can safely traverse these strips of highway shoulder along CR 39 where a sidewalk has been unfortunately deleted.

In the past, pedestrians have been killed trying to cross CR 39, and there are still no designated crosswalks. How are pedestrians supposed to safely cross this busy four-lane highway?


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