Qualified candidate


I first met Christina Strassfield when she was the assistant curator of Guild Hall in East Hampton. My office, down the hall from hers, was where I was planning all the special events of the museum. We worked together throughout the years on various fund-raisers, gallery receptions and art clotheslines.

I always found Christina to be very professional and organized, as well as a great team player. She had endless enthusiasm, and she was a joy and a pleasure to be around. Her upbeat manner and her warm smile made our job so much more enjoyable.

It was not at all surprising that she was the perfect candidate for the curator position when it was available. She handled the job with grace and made it seem effortless. She was easygoing, and all the artists respected and admired her very much. She committed many long hours to the museum and her dedication to her work did not go unnoticed. The events I handled with Christina were very successful and certainly memorable for me.

At the present time I am a stage mom to my son in the Southampton Intermediate School. I have participated on many PTA events and fund-raisers where I see Christina and continue to work with her. She is a mother who is very involved with every aspect of her children’s education. She is intelligent and very compassionate and her devotion to the school is ongoing. At the academic enrichment meetings she is very informative and knowledgeable. Christina has run the Box Top collection for both the elementary and intermediate schools.

My husband, another local professional, and I know Christina Strassfield for 20 years and feel supremely confident that she will bring all the perfect qualities necessary to do an outstanding job as a School Board member. In closing, we hope for the good of the community, the education of our son and for the Southampton School District that she is overwhelmingly elected to the School Board.


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