How to get elected


East Hampton is a remarkable town and has set an example for all to follow:

(1) If you want to be an elected official you must first learn to lie, tell people only what they want to hear and not have any idea of management principles. A shoe-in. (2) If you want to get reelected you must: a. bankrupt the town; b. grab funds not available to cover expenses; c. blame others for your incompetence; d. have a liberal Democrat press; e. award contracts without the “bid” process; f. increase salaries to prevent “whistle-blowing;” g. purchase sandbars and wetlands for preservation; h. prepare a bogus budget to assure reelection; i. hire only incompetent friends; j. be arrogant when listening to complaints; k. build a new “closed hearing” town hall; l. have four “didn’t know,” “wasn’t told’ councilpersons; m. etc. (running out of ink).


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