Leisure time?


The Planning Board schedule listed in last week’s front-page article [“Kabot Looks To Cut Benefits for Appointees,” May 8] sent many of our members scrambling to find productive ways to fill our newfound leisure time.

In addition to the four afternoon meetings listed, the article omitted our twice-monthly evening public hearings, and our morning work sessions held on the first and third Thursdays of each month. These eight monthly meetings (not four) are noticed in The Press and regularly attended by a member of your reporting staff.

Furthermore, the reading of mountains of correspondence, impact statements, environmental reports, as well as attendance at ancillary meetings, advisory committees, planning workshops and site visits (in our personal vehicles, with no compensation for gas) pushes our annual time commitment to approximately 800 hours instead of the 300 mentioned.

Thank you for the opportunity to correct this information for your readership.

DENNIS FINNERTYChairmanPlanning Board Southampton Town

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