An Important Vote


It’s hard to believe that people must be roused to do something so vital to their best interests, but the typically low voter turnout for school district elections seems to confirm the notion. So, for those who need to be encouraged to go to the polls next week to pick school board candidates and settle school budgets, this is your pep talk.

A quick glance at any property tax bill will show that school taxes make up the overwhelming portion, dwarfing the town and county tax bite. That means they affect renters, too. At the same time, those taxes fund our school systems, which are essential to a community and its well-being, whether or not you have kids in the classroom.

Arguably, votes cast at the school district level count the most—a few votes often decide the fate of a candidate or a budget. For that reason alone, a trip to the polls next week for the school district vote is worthwhile. It takes minutes and has an impact for years.

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