Speonk woman gives birth hours after accident


A Speonk woman and her newborn were discharged from a West Islip hospital today, Sunday, October 5, following an injury from a car accident that required an emergency Caesarean section.

Danielle Gruttadaurio, 26, was driving west on Sunrise Highway near Robert Moses Parkway on Wednesday morning, one day before her due date, when her car was clipped by a 18-wheeler truck and sent 10 feet into the air before striking the guardrail, according to reports. During the accident, the placenta dislodged from the uterine wall, leading to the emergency C-section.

John Paul, an employee of the plant engineering department at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip who was driving on his way to work, witnessed the accident, and stopped to help, according to Elizabeth Trupp, a hospital spokeswoman.

An ambulance came and rushed Mr. Gruttadaurio to the hospital, where she gave birth seven hours later.

“They are perfectly healthy,” Ms. Trupp said of Ms. Gruttadaurio and her new baby on Sunday evening.

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