Gordian Knot


Suffolk County Legislators Jay Schneiderman and Ed Romaine still have the notion to legislate, via the county, our Southampton homeless sex offenders out of Southampton and Riverhead towns.

Mr. Schneiderman’s and Mr. Romaine’s ambition to dismantle this Gordian Knot is noble, but remains clearly an overreach.

Again, I reiterate.

Unfortunately, to enact their proposal, it would require a contrarian “tour de force.” Meaning the remaining Suffolk County legislators will have an impossible task convincing their constituents to go along with the notion to house the sex offenders in their very own districts, virtually, the remaining towns of Suffolk County.

After all, the overwhelming Suffolk landscape currently enjoys the safety and security that government is sworn to provide. They do not have a homeless sex offender infestation. Why should they affect the status quo?

At our last Town Board meeting, speaking from the podium, I expressed my views on this matter and reminded the board how well they have “legislated-out” of most of Southampton Town, the homeless sex offender, and would they do the same for the hard-pressed and suffering people of Riverside? And, in the brief time allowed at the podium, notably the board seemed astute, concerned, focused and sympathetic to the suggestion, especially Town Councilwoman Nancy Graboski, a critical contributing framer of our current sex offender town code. We are hopeful that they will now complete the job for the remaining town communities.

Thank you, Town Councilwoman Anna Throne-Holst, for your resolution to support our state and, hopefully, to be instrumental in the revisiting and retooling of our sex offender laws.

The Southampton Town Board, in late 2007, enacted Chapter 215, so as to protect our community. Unfortunately, not all are as protected as others.

Our thanks go out to the Southampton Town Civic Coalition, which I was a member for nearly three years. I remain cognizant of the effort and clout the coalition can bring to a challenge, particularly members such as Bob McAlvey, Eve Houlihan and Al Algieri who, without their lucid leadership, the first crusade, in 2007, would have never reached volition.

Kudos for Senator Kenneth LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. for their usual and consistent heads-up. As always, they again have demonstrated their deepest concern for our community at-large.

Lastly, thank you, Michael Brewer. Considering all your other concerns for your hindmost effort regarding this most important matter.

Continue to do so.

MICHAEL SACCOFlandersMichael Sacco notes that he is the executive director of Supporters of Survivors of Sexual Offenders—Ed.

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