Raise the bar


I read Jessica DiNapoli’s article “Parents Object to Accelerated Math” [November 27]. Barbara Rasmussen stated she did not hear from anyone who was in favor of the accelerated math for all. I was not at the Board of Education meeting to defend the Westhampton Beach School District’s commitment to ensuring our students are ready for jobs when they graduate.

I teach on the graduate level and I am telling my students that they must raise the bar for all the students they teach. We cannot settle. I am also a parent of an eighth-grader at Westhampton Beach. I personally wish I had pushed harder for my son to be accelerated last year in math.

There is a powerful YouTube video called “Shift Happens” that all should watch. It shows how behind the United States is in educating our students, especially in math, science and technology.

By offering accelerated math for all eighth-graders, Westhampton Beach is providing our students with the opportunity to take higher level math programs in high school, as well as take advantage of college courses. I applaud the Westhampton Beach School Board, and School Superintendent Lynn Schwartz, for all their efforts in preparing our students for a very competitive society.


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